Our Staff


Sarah is the artistic force within the office. Most of the artwork you will find on the web site and in many of the ministry publications is based on her concepts. The Email “blasts” you receive announcing that new articles are available and ready for your reading are designed and constructed by Sarah.

In addition to her artistic efforts, Sarah brings additional skills in organization and negotiating to the ministry. She and Geri collaborate on office needs, inventory, conference planning and hotel negotiations for conference time.


Geri is organization personified. The responsibility of working in a “virtual office” and keeping everything organized and flowing smoothly is her forte. She monitors and records all the group functions, prayer requests, intercessor coordination and a myriad of other office functions.

Geri’s compassionate spirit is evident when she is talking to a covenant keeper who needs prayer or a “friendly ear”. She spends a significant amount of time on the telephone along with our telephone volunteers helping covenant keepers.

USA Telephone Volunteers

Calls to the USA office may be answered by office staff or one of several volunteers located in different parts of the country. The ministry telephone volunteers have a calling to listen and pray with individuals needing prayer regarding marriage issues.

Worldwide Volunteer Leadership

Covenant Keepers is blessed with individuals and couples worldwide who are called of God to work in a volunteer capacity with troubled and broken marriages. The ministry is able to touch many lives ¬†as a result of the faithful efforts of these volunteers. We see marriages restored world wide as a testimony to God’s Grace and Mercy.

For all the volunteers – we thank you.