Covenant Moments from Around the World

Published April 12, 2017 by Covenant Keepers, Inc. in


(Included in response following CKI “Thank You” donation letter) Love to you all. It’s a joy and a honor to give to the CKI ministry. When you love, action must follow.



CA: (Referring to monthly “Thank You” donation letter content) Thank you, Carolyn! God bless you and Rex. I will keep him and his healing in my prayers and you also! You are an amazing couple and a true inspiration. May the Lord continue to be with you both and keep you safe. Thank you for your prayers for our restoration still to come, in Jesus’ name, by His power and for His glory. Amen.

(Referring to Thoughts on a Softened Heart by Rex Johnson) What an excellent teaching. Thank you so much!

FL: Dear Rex and Carolyn, Thank you very much for leading CKI. I appreciate your encouragement, inspiration and faithfulness in following God. You are doing a wonderful job as His willing servants. I am praying for you and the ministry.

NC: God blessed us in our ministry with witnessing the wedding of one of our marriage preparation couples. This is a young lady, who believed for her future husband in a dark time of discouragement and abandonment after he broke their engagement. After hearing from the Lord, she walked through forgiveness and learning to trust God for what she believed would be her one time Covenant marriage. There has been a miraculous “coming home” for her now husband and their testimony is so powerful. Understanding covenant is an offensive weapon, not just a last resort defense for a broken or troubled marriage. It is so powerful to talk to and mentor someone in Covenant BEFORE the marriage! God is good and the fruit of this couple understanding a marriage covenant and one flesh has already impacted her unsaved family and many friends!

SC: I so look forward to reading all your articles that I’d like to share just a note of new miracles that I’ve seen God work. A friend called me recently. I hadn’t seen her for decades. She was telling me about her son who died of cancer two years ago and how much he suffered. She left her church and let out her anger to God and asked Him to take her, too. He didn’t; so she decided to starve herself. It was a six month journey and she lived on only fruits and vegetables. When she next went to her doctor she had lost a lot of weight and all her lab reports were normal. She knew she could get angry at God but accepted that it wasn’t her time. She returned to church still angry. I told her, “God wasn’t mad at you because you were hurting. He loves you and understands how hard it was to lose your son. God loves us so much He sacrificed His Son for all our sins. His Son Jesus took all that which you experienced and felt your pain and suffering and loss. He took all our sins on Himself and died for us then He rose and now lives forever. He made a way for us to be forgiven and one day we will rise and live with Him forever.” She talked about her husband and their 54 years of marriage. He is in the last stages of Alzheimer’s and doesn’t recognize her anymore. I told her, “One day in the Lord’s timing, you, your husband and your son will be together. What a celebration that will be – recognized and in your place of rest with Jesus.” I asked her if I could pray for her. She sobbed as we lifted up all the burdens and gave everything to Jesus; His Spirit lightened the load she was carrying. “You will never know how much you have helped me today,” she said. Glory be to our Lord Who loves us so!

OR: God bless you! We are praising God daily for God’s restoration of our marriage and family! Covenant Keepers played a most vital role in our healed marriage!

VA: Thank you for your article, Thoughts on a Softened Heart, by Rex Johnson. It prompted me to pray the following: “Lord, create in me a clean heart. Teach me how to forgive everything and anyone. Lord, soften my heart and teach me how to be the wife You called me to be. Forgive me for my hardened heart. Lord, show me how to forgive. Lord, let me read Your Word with spiritually opened eyes so I can see what You want to reveal. Lord, I pray these things in Your mighty name.”